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Salak is an original tropical fruit of Indonesia. The plant grows at the low land area up to 700 meter above sea level (Optimum altitude is 50-300 meter above sea level). The optimum temperature is 20-30ºC, with the average rainfall of 200-400 mm per month.

The peak season of Salak occurs in November-January, and the side harvest season in june-August. The production of salak in 2003 was 928.613 ton. The production centres of salak are located in Magelang, Banjarnegara (Central Java), Tasikmalaya (West Java), Sleman (Yogyakarta), Karangasem (Bali), South Tapanuli (North Sumatra), Bolaang Mongondow (North SUlawesi), Enrekang (South Sulawesi)

The released superior varieties of Salak are Pondoh, Swaru, Enrekang, Nglumut, Gula pasir and Bali.



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